Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

Building a SAFE place...

Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

The Meme

The world needs a new kind of Inu, a Smart Inu. We have a strong growing community and would love to have you join us! #TeamSINU

Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

The Safety

SINU is a SmartDeFi token! It hosts its own liquidity, has no ownership, no owner functions, and can never be rug pulled! SINU will live forever!

Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

The Goal

Our goal is mass adoption of SmartDeFi technology by all developers in the DeFi space! Smart Inu helps new projects get started.

...the SMART way

Reflections: 1%

1% of all transactions are reflected back to all holders of SINU, including the dead wallet! This results in a passive income for holders and constant burn!

Asset-Backing: 3%

3% of all transactions are sent to the backed assets pool. This is a separate pool of assets that provide a guaranteed lowest value for your investment that only goes up!

Liquidity: 1%

1% of all sell transactions automatically add to the SINU liquidity pool to ensures that the liquidity pool will always grow over time!

What is SmartDeFi?

Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

A token with intrinsic value...

Smart Inu is backed by its base asset, providing each token with an ever-increasing intrinsic baseline value. A set percentage of every buy and sell is sent to the asset-backing pool which yields a baseline value that can never decrease. If the market price ever drops below the intrinsic baseline value, SINU tokens can be burned for their share of asset-backing. SINU will always have value, regardless of the market price!

Smart Inu SINU SmartDeFi

...and 0% interest lending

SmartDeFi gives Smart Inu the innovation of SmartLending, SINU tokens can be used as collateral to take out loans against its baseline value. The borrower has 30 days to repay the loan with 0% interest and may choose to extend the lending period for another 30 days by burning 0.1% of their collateral. Without repayment or extension, the loan defaults and the collateral is burnt.

Join our community

Team SINU is just getting started! We are a fully community-driven project on the BNB Smart Chain network and have been making our name heard in the crypto space! Our Telegram has been growing and we continue to expand! Team SINU is always looking for more members to join our moderator team. Our community is built by individuals who share a passion to see SmartDeFi technology become the standard for DeFi!