What are SINU’s Approvals?
SINU assists up and coming SmartDeFi projects with presales, tokenomics & launch via consultation. The service is meant to be educational to help leads & devs integrate into the SmartDeFi ecosystem. The Approval is given at our discretion based on the consultation and project. Projects will cycle out of approvals as they go live.

SINU’s Approvals Disclaimer:
SINU’s Approval is not financial advice. Anything that happens when a token goes live is entirely up to the market. SINU requests & encourages projects to lock up any unlocked holdings after opening the presale. Prior to joining a presale or participating in a launch, investors should verify that the project is transparent and locking their holdings accordingly. SINU doesn’t guarantee that a presale will fill, ultimately the project’s efforts will decide this. SINU does not guarantee any project and it is the responsibility of the investor to research accordingly. 

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Referral Program:
Earn 20m SINU for each referral. Referred projects must complete the instructions on the above form and proceed with consultation. 2 Billion SINU is allocated to the Referral Program, 100 referrals.


RBL Token – is a frictionless reward token build on SmartDeFi technology within the FEG Ecosystem. Holding RBL Token is truly rewarded through significant holder reflections and infinite boosting of RBL Token’s liquidity by utilizing a FEG Ecosystem based crypto asset portfolio and SMART Rebalance strategies.

RBL is live on FEGex: Trade Now!

Private Sale Information
– 450,000 RBL Tokens distributed (45% of total supply)
– 100 BNB Raised
– Locked Team holdings: 200,000 RBL Tokens (20% of total supply)
– Team holdings: 50,000 RBL Tokens
– Project holdings: 46,028 RBL Tokens
– Total unlocked holdings: 96,028 (9.6% of total supply)

Listing Information
– 253,972 RBL Tokens for swap (25.4% of total supply)
– 90 BNB Liquidity and 10 BNB Asset Backing at start of trade
– 2,819 RBL Tokens per 1 BNB listing price
– 0,0003548 BNB per RBL Token listing price

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The projects/tokens listed below have previously undergone consultation with SINU and had an approved presale or launch configuration. All approved projects are moved to this archived section shortly after a successful presale or launch. SINU does not guarantee any project’s success post launch.

YINCHI – https://yin-yang-token.com/
12PIECES – https://www.12pieces.co.uk/
SAOM – https://aliencult.org/
WINU – https://wiseinu.com/
PREZTOKENSD – https://preztoken.io/
ARK – https://arkfoundationproject.com/
RUGMUNCHERTOKEN – https://rugmunchertoken.online/
SDOX – https://www.smartdox.org/
OFFYSD – https://offy.uk/
AFFINITY – https://affinitydefi.org/
BACKBENCHER – https://backbencherscoin.com/

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